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About my name and web site

Although I have never been aware of it my friends and acquaintances agree that my life has been somewhat 'different' from the ordinary. Many think that I have led a 'strange life'. It does not seem 'strange' to me. It is the only one I have and it seems pretty mundane. Nothing out of the ordinary. But in retrospect, looking back from a distance of 50 years it was distinctly different from the lives of my friends.

My real name is Janette Miller. It is the name I like the best but my married name,'Janette Heffernan' is unique. First up on Google search as there is no one else stupid enough to go through life with these unfortunate examples. My present name is a mouthful. Everyone who is not Irish thinks it is German and nobody can spell either but for the web I have now reverted to the more common 'Miller', I tried 'Mila' with equally disastrous results as people thought I was Polish. So Janette Miler/Heffernan it is. I and you are stuck with it until I can drop the Heffernan as soon as i can.

My name both examples is continually mis-spelt and I have learnt to live with it. Oh to have a name that trips off the tongue and everyone can remember like 'Margot Fonteyn', 'Peggy Hookam' was not too catchy.

In 'My World' I am going to document a few of the more extraordinary events, the highlights as well as the disasters. No life would be complete with a few disasters and I have had quite a few and sometimes these are really the most interesting bits.

I shall not keep in chronological order and sometimes I shall ask a friend to write for me . I was brought up when women were seen but not heard and any kind of self promotion was socially forbidden. Not done. Today one must self promote to survive but I still find it uncomfortable so sometimes I shall ask a close friend to give another more objective point of view.

Here is a list of topics into which you are invited to delve. Take your pick. Some will be serious and some frivolous and all will be about my passions. I have not been granted the opportunity of following my chosen passion ballet for my life. I have had to have other' passions'. Some of my own choosing as is stamp collecting. Surprise I collect stamps with passion, all the best people do and Association Croquet but some I have love have been chosen for me.

I hope you will enjoy 'my Strange' life and visit me occasionally.This is my experimental site and I shall try new things so the site will not look coordinated and each page may have many styles like my Welcome Page with its CCS styling Two Flash items and my CSS logo rollover of which I am quite proud. This page with the wonderful CSS scrolling is thanks to Eric Myer who worked out how to do this. No Java Script and very little code so watch out for broken links and music that will not turn off. It will.... one day.

So as they say 'read on'.

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