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God of Love - Noel Tovey




by Janette Heffernan
Cupid the Roman God of erotic love and beauty, whose arrows can unite the most unlikely protagonists, is an elusive and enchanting creature. Everyone if they are lucky will meet the God of Love at sometime in their lives and when you do it is most important to keep on his right side. A casual word in the wrong direction can mean the difference between wedded bliss or a lonely and impoverished old age.

Cupid can come in many guises. True we think of him today as a chubby cherub with a quiver full of arrows charged to inspire romantic love but that is not how the Romans saw him. To them he was is a lively youth who delighted in pranks and spreading love. It is said if Cupid's arrow hits you, you will fall hopelessly in love with the next person you meet.

I first meet my Cupid when I was twenty one. I had no idea that he was the God of Love
at first glance it was obvious to me that he was exceptionally good looking, confident and self assured. I was the Principal Girl in the Windsor Pantomime and he was the premier danseurs who picked me up and twirled me around in the final walkdown. He was a good dancer too. The panto came to a close and I moved on never giving this man another thought. Ships that pass!

Little did I realise that this short meeting was to have life changing consequences that would effect the rest of my life ten years down the track. I had meet my Cupid, Noel Tovey.

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